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About Us

Grace Pharma is a medicine provider in Indian market based in Bihar. Company founded by Subhash Kumar shashi. This company provide all types of medicine, Pathology test, Radiology test, surgical items,OPD, Ambulance service and All types of health issues.This company treat like as ngo but not a ngo. Company previously work in 2018 and so many poor people get helpful.

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What Makes Us Different

Global & Local Products

Well Packed

Sufficient Molecules

Good Quility

Quality Tested

Qulity Health Care


Science is at the heart of Onmedic Pharma. Our scientists work closely with doctors, patients, and business development teams, to generate innovative concepts and ideas to harness market needs and synergies across therapeutic areas.


Our vision is to globalize, harmonize and simplify  processes to achieve a sustainable quality culture.


Our priority areas include Healthcare , scientific education, Research and Development