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Rumilon Forte

1,200.00 (100 Softgel capsules)
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The Rumilon Forte medication for the management of product in the market for the specific indication of Cervical spondylosis and Lumbar Spondylosis. It has been created by GRACE Pharma after years of clinical experience and validation coupled with modern pharmacological techniques. Being the most prescribed drug, the medication in Rumilon Forte is a proprietary Ayurvedic taila which is prepared by processing Tila Taila with a variety of herbs like dasamoola, baladvaya, yashtimadhu & punarnava.

What is the use of Rumilon Forte softgel capsules?

Restores the freedom of movement, liberate from Cervical Pain and low back pain. This medicine is also administrated for joint pain, swelling and sprain.

Is a pain killer?

Rumilon Forte sofgel capsule relieves pain and inflammation, sprain and muscle spasm, repairs nerve damage, heals ligaments post injury.

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